For years, we have had the privilege to be part of some incredible destination weddings.

We have seen a rapid increase demand for destination weddings over the years, after all, what better way to get married than in your favourite destination?

The idea of destination weddings are too expensive is a myth. Due to the popular demand, the range of venues is continuously expanding, and therefore more competition between each venue who subsequently are driving down their hire costs. Destination weddings also tend to attract a couples’ closest family & friends, further driving down associated costs.

Why Onyx Sounds?

Destination weddings are a speciality here at Onyx, and only from experience can we provide the best advice to make your destination wedding the one to remember. Some of these factors include:


We check, check, and check again that all equipment supplied by the venue, local suppliers and our own, are all compatible & work together seamlessly. We check power distribution, equipment specifications, connection types, sound limits & curfews, thus taking the stress away from you, making sure everything on the back end is as it should be, so that your events run just the way you expect them to.


Our team make sure that all timings are cross checked, with the organisers, and the couple themselves. We factor in pre-event sound checks, rehearsals, and coordinate with event performers. We make sure we’re ready to entertain well before your guests arrive.


One major factor we don’t consider is the destinations environment. In our years of experience, we have experienced performing in 40 degree + heat, sudden changes in weather, and operating in different time zones. We ensure all equipment is prepared for different weather situations. For locations with major time zone changes & weather changes, we factor them in and advise accordingly to the couple.


We take pride in making sure our performance is what you expect, and more! Our DJ’s are prepared with all event types, ensuring each event theme is customised accordingly. From our attire to the music we play, we know how to make each event unique. For religious ceremonies, our DJ’s blend in well with traditional attire. For welcome parties: smart casual or theme adhered. Reception events: Smart. You get the idea! We also go through with our couples, during consultation, what music is to be played where and when, for each event. By identifying any clashes or unwanted repetitive playlists we make each event unique and not the same as the last, or the next!