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Our most recent work to Zero Zero Bath which involved a two stage project.

Stage one was to remove all existing lighting, and lighting controller in the club room and install all new lighting fixtures and lighting controller.

Stage two involved taking the existing lighting from the club room and install into the clubs VIP room along with a new lighting controller.

Stage One

The existing lighting setup included 8 moving head wash lights, along with a standalone control with 8 preset functions. The haze machine was manually controlled, and the rooms’ led ambient lighting changed from blue, red and white depending on which of the 8 room presets was selected.

Our AV team gave a range of recommendations, and together with the clubs owner & manager, designed an all new system. With a low ceiling height being an issue, we were able to install a lighting system which gave maximum impact without compromising health and safety.

The Onyx Sounds team noticed the existing brackets holding the lighting fixtures was not strong enough, so the team corrected this before advancing. We started with installing 8 new moving head wash light fixtures, with more brightness, features, colours and effects, & faster movement than the previous system. We installed two strobe effect lights, and a full colour RGB show laser whilst integrating the existing led ambient lighting and haze machine to an all new dmx controller via touchscreen laptop control.

After installation, the team spent a great deal of time designing a range of scenes giving the club full control of their lighting including:

– the ability to change individual fixtures, or lighting groups

– emergency lighting, start of the night, and end of the night modes

– haze machine integration to lighting system with ability to turn haze on/off & control output at the touch of a button

– 47 scenes (previously 8), with over 2,000 combinations giving maximum customisability

– A default light show button, for when performers wanted the dmx software to control the lighting rather than having to manually change scenes themselves.

Stage Two

With the existing lighting removed, our team recommended that the light fixtures were serviced and installed in the clubs VIP room, which until then, had no lighting other than uplighting. By installing the lighting into the VIP room, it allowed the club to use it as a second room, with moving head lighting to create a party atmosphere when needed.

So the team installed the lighting around the VIP room, whilst wiring in each fixture, and integrating the rooms’ current led mood lighting to a similar dmx light control via touchscreen laptop.

Again creating custom light scenes for the room, from slow-relaxed, to fast-energetic shows, dark intimate to vibrant party scenes.

The result was an effective light show utilising the latest technology whilst adhering to our clients budget.

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